Steps on how to start your catfish farming business in Nigeria (Part 1)


It is no news that catfish has become one of the common type of fish eaten around the country. Over time this business has become one of the leading aspect of Aquaculture Nigerians have come to embrace.

However before you decide to go into this business, you need to be sure of the following:

 Small scale or Large Scale? – your capital determines the size of your farm.This is a major factor to consider because you must ask yourself Can I afford to get a full plot of land or do i just mange my backyard or Can i afford to feed 1,000 fish or 10,000 fish?

know the market in your area – you MUST understand the market in your area because this factor varies from place to place. The price and demand of fish in Lagos State may not be the same in Ogun State. So study your market and know your competition.

Get knowledge – acquiring the necessary skills and training before starting the business can not be over Emphasized. you must be informed by seeking practical training and mentoring.

Can you handle it? – Learning the skill is not enough, do you have a full time job and this is just a side business ?will you have time to manage the farm yourself or you would have to hire able and well experienced people? all this should be put into consideration to help you have accurate budgeting.

Return On Investment (ROI) – this calculation will go a long way to helping you make your decisions. To help you make sure that this is the business for you.


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